Commercial and Janitorial

Affordable Cleaning Options for Commercial Spaces

Keep Your Business Squeaky Clean With Our Commercial Services!

The key to any successful business is keeping the working environment clean. This reduces the possibility of your employees and customers falling ill and leaves a better impression with anyone who visits you or works with you. That, in turn, improves the overall productivity of your business.

With more than 30 years of experience in keeping businesses clean and healthy in the Tampa area, the professional cleaners at The American Cleaning Services Inc. have the know-how to thoroughly clean and maintain your office space at affordable prices.


Services to Suit Every Budget and Requirement

Being locally owned and operated as well as fully licensed and insured, you can completely trust our services to be thorough. We only use the latest tools and environmentally safe materials to clean your commercial space. Based on your need, you can choose from our daily, weekly, or monthly commercial cleaning and janitorial services.


Our Daily Services Include:

Dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming

Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms

Vacuuming carpets

Removing debris

Sweeping, mopping and cleaning floors, VCT, and tiles

Changing out the trash liners daily

Our Weekly and Monthly Services Include:

Cleaning AC diffuser screens

Removing and replacing AC filters (provided by customer)

Cleaning and dusting baseboards and moldings

Dusting and cleaning blinds, computers, and phones

Dusting and polishing furniture, picture frames, and so on

Polishing and shining bathroom stalls, sinks, mirrors, brass, and stainless steel

Cleaning refrigerators and microwaves

So, Why Wait Any Longer? 

Talk to us right away to get your commercial space cleaned properly at affordable prices.